The Team

Bruce Stewart

Bruce Stewart MPT, MCPA

Owner / Physiotherapist

Tim Takahashi

Tim Takahashi MKin, CAT(C), CEP, CSCS, CK

Owner / Certified Athletic Therapist

Patricia Walls

Patricia Walls B.A.

Office Manager

Bette Murray

Bette Murray

Bookkeeper / Office Administrator

Columba Arriaga

Columba Arriaga RMT

Massage Therapist

Jennifer Morneau

Jennifer Morneau B.Sc.Kin., CAT(C) RMT, DOMP

Athletic Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Osteopath

Shannon Iwamoto

Shannon Iwamoto RMT

Massage Therapist

Gerard Dower

Gerard Dower DC


Angie Dower

Angie Dower DC


Brittany Mercier

Brittany Mercier M.Sc., CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist, Concussion Clinic Injury Care Coordinator

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart BHKin, MPT, MClSc (Manipulative Therapy), FCAMPT


Jacalyn Moore

Jacalyn Moore HBScKin, BKinAT, MPT, CAT(C), ACC, CSCS

Physiotherapist / Certified Athletic Therapist

Steven Sommerfeldt

Steven Sommerfeldt M.Sc.P.T., CAFCI


Carolyn Glavacevic

Carolyn Glavacevic B.Sc. CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist, Lethbridge College Kodiaks Head Athletic Therapist

Erin Marsh

Erin Marsh B.Sc., CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist

Emily Van Dyke

Emily Van Dyke Exercise Science Diploma

Physiotherapy and Reception Assistant

Evan Grover

Evan Grover

Sports Medicine Medical Office Assistant

Courtney Titanich

Courtney Titanich B.Sc. CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist, SAAKIC Injury Care Coordinator

Amanda Bergen Henengouwen

Amanda Bergen Henengouwen B.Sc. CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist, SAAKIC Injury Care Coordinator



Medical Office Administrator, Orthopaedic Surgery



Medical Office Administrative Assistant, Orthopaedic Surgery